The Ten Commandments For Tennis Parents

ONE. You shall watch your childs match from wherever she feels most comfortable having you – near the court, from the Clubhouse, or ten miles away.

TWO. You shall not speak or signal to your child during the match. Quite simply, it is against the rules.

THREE. You shall remain calm during play, whether 'your side' is 5-0 up, or 0-5 down.

FOUR. You shall not rush to your son at the end of a match to give him your in-depth analysis.  Win or lose, most players need time to themselves after competing.

FIVE. You shall judge a match based on your childs performance, effort and sportsmanship – not on whether she won or lost.

SIX. You shall not make your child practice when he really does not want to – unless your aim is to turn him off tennis...

SEVEN. You shall encourage your daughter to be as independent as possible in organising her tennis schedule. Success at tennis requires independent thought and action.

EIGHT. You shall not go to every practice session, lesson or match. He needs to get used to playing without you around.

NINE. You shall allow your child and his coach to decide what to do during lessons. Your influence in this specialist area should be minimal.

TEN: You shall be a loved, respected and welcomed tennis parent, should you obey the first nine commandments!