Here are the opportunities we provide to help players progress:

To start with....heronplayerpathway

Stage 1

  • Parents & Toddlers (from 3 yrs+)                                                    
  • Saturday & Sunday Junior Club Mornings (from 5 yrs+)
  • Junior Squads
  • Private Lessons and Shared Lessons
  • Practice with friends and parents
  • Wall practice


Stage 2

  • Ace Academy Squads
  • Represent Heron in National Junior Club League and friendly matches
  • Mini Tennis and full ball weekend and school holiday competitions in Cornwall
  • Serving and Wall practice


Stage 3

  • Academy Squads
  • Structured Paid Hits
  • Academy Strength & Conditioning Sessions, Personal Fitness Plans
  • Practices with stronger junior and adult players from Heron and other clubs
  • Academy Training and Competition trip to Germany
  • Competing in German League matches and adult competitions
  • Regional and National junior and adult competitions
  • Represent Cornwall in junior and adult teams
  • Represent Heron's adult teams competing in regional and Cornish leagues


Stage 4

  • Specialist Tennis Schools and Academies, abroad and in Britain
  • US College/ GB University Tennis Scholarships
  • Compete in Professional events